My Services

Beginners to professionals can learn and have fun on a guided bass fishing trip.  I will teach you some of the basics of bass fishing such as how, where and when to drop shot plastics, the basics to flipping and pitching a jig.  I can help you understand how a deep cranking technique can load the live well when everyone else is struggling to catch a limit.  Swimbaits are a must learn when it comes to catching big fish on Clearlake.  You will learn when to use all types of swimbaits, from a 4” Basstrix to  12” custom Swimbait.  I have been very successful using a variety of top water lures in the summer and fall. 


There is nothing more exciting than having an 8 pound bass eat a top water.  Shallow water crankbaits are also very effective on Clearlake.  Speed traps and lucky craft crankbaits are some of my favorites.  We can also plan a live bait trip.  Some of my best trips have been when I have used jumbo minnows.  You will also learn where  the “Hot Spots” are on Clearlake.  Deep water to shallow, I understand the seasonal patterns of bass fishing on Clearlake and will help you to catch as many “Big Ones”on  your trip as possible!